Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Center for Democracy in the Americas calls for end to embargo

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October 26, 2010

CDA Statement: U.N. General Assembly Repudiates U.S. Embargo of Cuba

Washington, DC – The U.N. General Assembly has voted 187-2 in favor of a resolution condemning the U.S. embargo of Cuba.

Sarah Stephens of the Center for Democracy in the Americas released the following statement about the vote:

“When you count the costs of the U.S. embargo of Cuba – our damaged reputation internationally, the harm we do to Cubans, and our isolation from the changes and reforms taking place on the island – it is truly bewildering that the U.S. continues to pursue this policy and that President Obama enforces it with such vigor. This lopsided vote in the U.N. ought to be a lesson for U.S. policy makers that the sell-buy date on this flawed policy is long in the past and it should be replaced with engagement without further delay.”

This is the 19th consecutive year the U.N. General Assembly has approved the anti-embargo resolution. The vote occurred as the European Union voted to explore closer relations with the Government of Cuba.

The Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA) is devoted to changing U.S. policy toward the countries of the Americas by basing our relations on mutual respect, fostering dialogue with those governments and movements with which U.S. policy is at odds, and recognizing positive trends in democracy and governance. CDA’s Freedom to Travel to Cuba program has brought more on 70 U.S. policy makers to the island since 2001.

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