Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More on Al Herreros

The Kerry Report said:
DEA also reported that Herreros was identified as being "criminally associated" with various aircraft in FAA "lookouts" in the late 1970s, and as an alleged part-owner of an aircraft that had been used to smuggle cocaine into Miami.
Customs' records reportedly indicated that Herreros "[was] believed [in 1985] to be engaged in smuggling narcotics via aircraft" and was doing business as Vortex Sales and Leasing.
He was also reported to be associated with "documented smuggler" John Lett. In a June 24, 1987 cable to CIA, Customs described the source of this information as "highly reliable" and noted that the source had acquired the information from Herreros himself.
An August 18, 1987 FBI cable to Headquarters--in response to a May 1, 1987 CIA cable--and the April 28, 1987 memorandum from the DEA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Intelligence provided no derogatory information on the president of the prime contractor. A May 13, 1987 cable from Customs to Headquarters provided information that he had been involved in possible neutrality and munitions control violations in 1977.
The FBI, DEA and Customs responses to the CIA trace request reported no links between him and drug trafficking. The DEA and Customs trace responses also indicated that other employees of Vortex/Universal and the prime contractor--Michael Palmer, Joseph Haas, Alberto Prado Herreros, Maurico Letona, Martin Gomez, Donaldo Frixone, and two pilots for the prime contractor--all of whom were affiliated with the CIA Contra support program, may have been involved in narcotics trafficking prior to their relationship with the Agency.

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