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JBDC Statement of Corporate Capabilities

Statement of Corporate Capabilities
January 2009

5530 Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 1115
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

JBDC Canada
100 King Street West
Suite 5700
Toronto, ON M5X 1C7

About JBDC
JBDC, LLC is a small business group and an innovative provider of practical 21st century solutions to business, associations, humanitarian aid organizations and government, globally. JBDC has expertise in private sector development (e.g., business development services, trade facilitation and investment development), ICT development and utilization, monitoring and evaluation, and community engagement.
JBDC brings decades of international development experience from completing successful results-oriented projects in more than 50 countries.
JBDC uses current technologies and technical know-how to find strategic solutions to challenges facing business and industry, communities and government, often under adverse conditions. One of JBDC's recent endeavors is One-Stop, quick-response onsite support services facilities that enable small businesses and organizations in remote locations to communicate with their markets and compete in a global marketplace. In the last several years, JBDC has integrated more than 100 satellite terminal
installations with local networks, enabling Internet voice, data and video communications.
In most parts of the world, JBDC has been successful in developing and implementing practical telecommunications strategies to strengthen and support project objectives. In this regard JBDC views technology as means to an end and not an end unto itself. Regardless of whether the principal project theme is to strengthen the functionality of the private sector, increase access to information (education, legal system, health, etc.), increase competitiveness and the like, JBDC's experience with state-of-the-art/off-the-shelf telcom technologies is relevant to a wide array of projects on the horizon. We work with wired and wireless technologies, MAC and PC (although MAC is now our preferred machine), Internet and intranets, and so on.
From rural telcom to urban ISP development, accessing information via the Internet or providing access to specific content via an intranet, JBDC finds a way to help meet project objectives.
JBDC’s corporate offices are located in Chevy Chase, Maryland and Toronto, Ontario. In addition to a small core staff, JBDC brings to each assignment US, Canadian and international experts of the highest caliber who provide results-oriented project contributions on behalf of our diverse clients.

Core Competencies

International Development Consulting

JBDC serves a variety of public and private sector clients through projects designed to advance community, business and economic development. The company's work in this area covers a range of activities that includes trade facilitation, feasibility analyses, developing export and investment development strategies, assessing impacts of policies and regulations governing industrial development, strengthening the capabilities of trade and investment agencies.

JBDC provides the international development community with access to market information and analyses it needs to develop and sustain trade, promote business growth, capture, maintain or regain market share. The firm works internationally in agribusiness, manufacturing, finance, and information and communications technologies (ICTs).

Satellite Communications Technologies

Global Managed VSAT Services, VSAT: Very Small Aperture Terminal
BGAN: Broadband Global Area Network

JBDC provides narrowband to broadband Internet connectivity via satellite. This package includes the dish antenna, electronics, installation, 24x7 network management, with monthly access fees that are scalable to meet customer needs. JBDC has invested resources to develop competencies in the development and use of ICTs since 2001.

Illustrative Experience

MicroNet: Worldwide, 2001-Present

JBDC develops and establishes broadband internet access for microenterprises, associations, NGOs and other organizations in remote locations, globally. JBDC collaborates with private industry to address development issues with 21st century solutions, making effective use of ICTs as a competitiveness improvement strategy as well as in support of mission-critical humanitarian efforts worldwide. JBDC
designs, installs, commissions and manages Internet-based satellite telecommunications and network services to businesses, aid and disaster-relief organizations in transitioning environments.

Social Responsibility and Community Engagement

Chaghi, Balochistan, Pakistan
November 2007 - June 2008

JBDC is management consultant to a private corporate client developing a community engagement and sustainable development initiative at a new project site in Western Balochistan. Work includes local and regional workforce and supplier assessments, mentoring community relations personnel, and project design.

Crossing Point Trade Logistics: Palestinian Territories and Israel
February 2005-March 2006

Working directly with USAID/West Bank and Gaza, JBDC provided design inputs for a major US Government-funded project intended to improve cargo flows between Palestinian and Israeli markets.
JBDC developed the theme, “When Cargo Flows, The Economy Grows”, to stress the importance that efficient crossing point logistics were a benefit to both market economies.

Disengagement Analysis and Support: Palestinian Territories and Israel
May-July 2005

JBDC was very actively engaged in Israeli-Palestinian issues pertaining to trade facilitation, cargo and passenger flows at crossing points and industrial estate support. In June 2005 JBDC worked in conjunction with The Services Group on an East-West Institute analysis of the Erez Industrial Estate.

From February to April, JBDC worked directly with USAID/West Bank & Gaza, providing analysis and support on crossing points and project design.

Dairy Industry Revitalization in Afghanistan
November 2004
JBDC provided communications and management consulting services for a Cooperative Agreement, under a Subagreement with Land O'Lakes, Inc. The two-year project will support the development of a modern dairy processing plant in Afghanistan to provide strong market demand for raw milk and drive expanded local production by farmer groups that Land O'Lakes and its partner organizations will assist.

Technical Assistance to a Non-Profit Organization, Washington, DC
August-November 2005 (Confidential)
Washington Representation, 1991-2001

APGross was retained by major U.S. corporations as well as small businesses, such as the analytical arm of a multi-billion dollar agribusiness conglomerate, an international investment holding company, a Midwestern high technology manufacturing concern, and the like. On behalf of multiple commercial clients, APGross liaised with international lending and bilateral donor agencies involved in emerging markets development. APGross undertook analytical activities required to determine the feasibility of prospective investments and provided senior and executive management consulting services related to strategic decisions.

Senior Management Consultant, January 1998-2001
APGross consulted with Land O'Lakes' senior and executive-level officers assigned to international operations on a variety of organizational and business development issues.

Senior Management Consultant, 1991-1998
APGross helped to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cargill Inc. and worked with senior management on periodic business and organizational development issues.

Financial and Private Enterprise Development Program (FAPE), The Gambia, 1993-96

This USAID-funded project was designed to foster private sector investment in resource-based industries in order to generate economic growth and increase employment. Specific project objectives included enhancing private sector capabilities to identify and respond effectively to viable private investment, development, and expansion opportunities. Support was provided to the National investment Board, an
agency of the Government of The Gambia, and selected private firms. APGross was a subcontractor to Nathan Associates Inc.

Investment Development in Housing Construction, North Carolina, 1993-94

APGross served as senior management consultant to a private offshore holding company interested in equity participation in second-phase housing construction companies. Pre-investment analysis included population growth and demand projections, macroeconomic assessments, development of multi-year proforma income statements, general business climate assessments, management audits, and the like.

Export Development Support, Cape Verde, 1991

APGross served as a technical advisor for an USAID-funded export development and investment promotion project won by Nathan Associates. The project focused on technical advisory services to a newly established center for export and investment promotion. The project consisted predominantly of industry and policy analyses, policy adjustments necessary to create a more enabling business environment, and implementation of export development and investment promotion campaigns.

Tourism Study, United Kingdom, Kenya, and South Africa, 1991
For an UNCTAD-funded project on behalf of the Ministry of Planning and National Development of Kenya, APGross assessed potential impacts on Kenyan tourism from European and North American markets as a result of the lifting of economic sanctions against South Africa. Strategic recommendations concerning tourism patterns were developed.

Export and Investment Promotion Center, Haiti, 1987-89
APGross served as Nathan Associates' US-based project director and worked with the Export and Investment Promotion Center of Haiti. The Center was a new, privately managed, and publicly decreed institution, whose task was to improve, expand, and professionalize export and investment promotion services for a wide spectrum of businesses and entrepreneurs producing for the U.S. and EEC markets.
Technical advisory services were provided to the Center in formulating and implementing guidelines and operation plans for the institution's three divisions—research and information, promotion, and export and investor services—in order to ensure that appropriate investor services and export promotion strategies
were developed and investor requests were properly followed up. As such, APGross' work included the development of information management systems, brokering networks, and assisting Center staff training programs.

Country Experience

Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Cote d'Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, Ukraine

Antigua, Barbados, Canada, Cuba, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, United States

Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Yemen


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