Sunday, December 20, 2009

UNM professor: Cuba's fate doesn't depend on Yoani Sanchez

Nelson Valdes:

Yoani Sanchez is totally meaningless as far as the political fate of Cuba is

To assume that the future of a country could depend on a handful of
individuals who are not known within their own society only demonstrates how
alienated from the real issues of Cuba are those who see any significance on
this particular woman.

To me it is extraordinary what drives and/or attracts the foreign media and
even the diplomatic corps in the island. Slim pickins when it comes to
ideological ammunition.

The truly profound issues of the island are:

a) the rearrangement of the political and economic institutions under way
b) the growing importance of the PCC in the provinces
c) the relationships between state institutions, Communist Party, mass
organizations and the military today and the re-arranging of those

Yet, foreign journalists and so-called NGOs in the US seem to be paying
attention to ONE person and one person alone. This is mindboggling. I assume
that MININT, etc, are laughing real hard.

Consider the following:

In June 1960, the US corporations in Cuba had a strategic position within
the island. They controlled the sugar industry, the importation of oil and
its processing and distribution. The island had a large bourgeoisie as well
as organized political parties. The US controlled every government in Latin
America. The CIA and every other agnecy of the US government had decided to
overthrow the Cuban government. There were thousands of Cubans organized
against the Cuban government. The revolutionaries were learning how to fly
airplanes (AIR Force) and attempting to convert a guerrilla force into a
professional military. The militia marched in the streets with brooms
because of the shortage of weapons. The people who had to rule the country
had an educational level that was not even the 9th grade level and had no
idea of the geography of the place or how one ran a bank not to mention a
whole economy. The Central Intelligence Agency had agents throughout the
island. So did the Mafia. And the old political order [political parties,
etc] were still around.

And I could go on.

Yet, the revolutionary regime survived - even though the waves of sabotage
did not relent.

And now, a single woman who might be a creation of Cuban
counter-intelligence is supposed to be a real challenge to the regime!

What it all indicates to me is that the people who report, analyze,
interprete and write about Cuba do not have the slighest sense of realism.

I can understand that foreign journalists in Cuba might be alienated from
the society that they report on; but it seems to me that wishful thinking
has replaced hard headed assessment of what is.

Yoani Sanchez is as meaningful to the island as the ESTIGMATIZADA was in
1959. Who remembers the 1959 woman whose hands bled and claimed to be the
lover of Camilo Cienfuegos? [See: Reinaldo L Roma?n, Governing Spirits :
religion, Miracles, and Spectacles in Cuba and Puerto Rico, 1898-1956,
Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, 2007. Chapter 5.]

The fact that Obama or someone else in the US government pays attention to
Yoani only indicates that US foreign policy is in complete disarray.
Apparently there are those who truly believe that twitter and the Internet
change political systems.

Thomas Carlyle became famous by claiming that history was shape by "great
men." Now, we are told, history is shaped by "great women." In either case,
we are witnessing the typical individualistic shibboleth worthy of Andy

However, I am having a great laugh, though.


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  1. How cinical can you be? You are right: Yoani is not important. What is important, and you fail to recognize, is the Yoani and cuban blogging phenomena. History will clarify their significance.